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Tall shelving with products STL articuated lorry

Proven Record

STL today has over 400,000 sq. feet of high quality warehousing.We boast state-of-the-art logistics facilities and have a quality fleet of articulated & rigid vehicles travelling well over 6.5 million miles per year - reaching National, Cross Channel and European destinations daily.We have over 200 clients from all sectors; F.M.C.G. to electronics, from food ingredients to beverages to healthcare.

One of the reasons for our success has been our location. Having our headquarters in the Midwest - on or near the majority of major road networks - provides us with easy access north, south, east and west. It also allows us greater freedom in terms of daily operations and future development, which might not be the case elsewhere.

STL has earned a reputation for appreciating difference: we know every company is unique. By working closely with each client, by understanding the nature and needs of the business in question, STL can map out a logistics solution that makes sense for that company. Our success has always been in forming rewarding partnerships.